Clive Cussler books in chronological order

We have noticed that many people search for Clive Cussler books in chronological order. After I read my 2nd Clive Cussler book, I had the same question about which books were next or before the one I just read. So we have made a list of all the books in chronological order by the different series that Clive Cussler has released. We were going to go one step further and put them in one massive list based on the date each book was released without regard to which series the book is in…everything he has written…all lumped together…but that was a silly idea. Please forget that I even thought of that.



Over the course of a couple years, I acquired all of the Clive Cussler books from bookstores and garage sales and people just getting rid of them as they had them long enough. They have their own shelf in the storage room of the house. Yes, it is a pretty full shelf…starting with the Mediterranean Caper, the shelf is filled with Clive Cussler books in chronological order…right up to the latest release of The Kingdom.

For some reason, I just can’t seem to part ways with the Clive Cussler books after I have read them. Other books, I am piling them up and running them to the half-price story for credit. But something about Dirk Pitt and the other series from Cussler has me emotionally attached to the characters, so I keep every book. Occasionally, I pick up an older book from Cussler and reread it again. It isn’t brain surgery writings, it is just purely fun, adventurous, and living on the edge…all wrapped around a totally impossible plot. But that is what makes it so fun!

Here is even more magic…you don’t have to read the Clive Cussler books in chronological order. Each of the Clive Cussler books stands on its own merits, so there is no need to have read previous novels. The only things you will miss out on are some of the items that appear in Dirk Pitt’s airplane hangar that the character acquired in previous adventures. But it is always fun to go back and read the unbelievable stories as to why he has a bathtub with an outboard motor on it sitting in his hangar…or where he actually found a German fighter plane, and how he ends up with a train car. Taking up most of the room in the hangar are many of the cars that Pitt drives which are featured in most of the novels. The cars almost seem to be an integral part of the story telling. While other authors may have a good car chase scene, Cussler does it with flare and style…might as well make these cars something classic and desirable.

The Kingdom Proves Truly Entertaining

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